NOQUITZONE Will Your Way Wednesday:

NOQUITZONE Will Your Way Wednesday: ” I Can’t, but I Can”

Have you ever been in a situation where your mind said one thing, but your heart said another? If you are a living breathing human being then chances are that you have. Many times in life we encounter situations where our mind tell us to give up, but our heart tell us just one more try.

Throughout my “No Quit” Journey, there were many situations as an engineering student/teen mother when my mind told me to give it a rest for a while and try again later(when the going got a little rough). However, something deep down inside(my heart) would continuously tell me to take one more step along my journey.

A defining moment for me along my ‘No Quit Journey’ was when I came to a fork in the road. At this fork, my mind told me to take a detour(consider changing my major from Computer Engineering to Computer Science). The road was really rough at this particular route along my journey(point in my life), the mind was telling me to detour and take an easier route, but my heart told me something different. The heart told me to continue down the same road and eventually I would hit smooth pavement. It would be during a conversation with my aunt(Julia Collins) who comforted me during this difficult time that I realized that in my heart I really didn’t want to take a detour(change my major), but the road along this route was filled with many bumps and potholes(difficult classes). It would be at the end of the conversation, I fell on my knees and prayed to God. I told God if he got me safely to my next destination along my journey(help me pass the class), that I would finish college and continue down the road on my “No Quit” Journey.

That would be the first time along my “No Quit” Journey that I came within inches of making a detour and choosing a path less traveled and easier. However, I did not let my mind win..I decided to follow my heart. That coupled with my unwavering faith in God at such a young age I had no choice but to continue my “No Quit” Journey..

Well, I am here to tell you God answered my prayers and I kept my commitment to myself NOT TO QUIT. For that, not only did I graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and minor in Mathematics I NEVER dropped a class in college due to its difficulty. I dug in deep…commited to going the extra mile…attended every free tutorial session..made frequent appointments with my professors..formed study groups. Any and every resource that was available to me I accessed it.

So, as you can see my mind was telling me “I CAN’T” while my heart was telling me “I CAN”…the result…I listened to my heart and I DID!!!!

Lesson Learned: What is your mind telling you that you “CAN’T DO”..that your heart is telling you that you “CAN DO” ONLY if you DO NOT QUIT.. – Crystal L Jackson



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