Crystal's Motivational Moment / mindset / No Quit FIT Zone / NOQUITZONE Will Your Way Wednesday:

NOQUITZONE Will Your Way Wednesday: “Life is not a problem..”

Life is not a problem. If we live, we live, if we  die, we die; if we suffer, we suffer; it appears that we are the  problem.

What is prosperity? A  mental state. A functional attitude that draws to you an abundance of every  great thing. How do you get prosperity? Expect it. Always ask for the highest  and the best; never doubt that it will come. What does prosperity look like?  Look in the mirror. You are prosperity. Prosperity is your birthright. It is up  to you to recognize your free access to an inexhaustible supply of all things  good and desirable. You were born into prosperity. It is your inheritance as a  child of the kingdom. You have been given a body capable of doing almost  anything. It is up to you to convince your mind that you can. You have been  given power, dominion and authority over everything in the world. It is up to  you how to use it.

When I look at me,  I am looking at prosperity Iyanla Vanzant(faith in the valley)

Crystal L Jackson


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