Crystal's Motivational Moment / mindset / NOQUITZONE Will Your Way Wednesday:

NOQUITZONE Will Your Way Wednesday: “Get prepared to be prepared..”

LIFE DOES WHATEVER is necessary to mold us into shape and prepare us for greatness. It does not always look or feel this way. Instead, what we experience in life seems difficult, painful, and unnecessary. Just for a moment think of the stones which were used to build the pyramids and the gems which fashion the Crown Jewels. Imagine how the stones were dug from the quarry and then hammered and chiseled into shape. Realize that each stone or gem had to be perfectly shaped before it could be set in its appropriate place. Recognize that once the pyramids were built and jewels cast into the Crown, they have never been disturbed, nor have they shifted, fallen, or crumbled.

Somehow life teaches us to understand that God has a perfect plan for us; according to that plan, we must be molded and shaped prior to being cast into our perfect place. When we truly recognize that there is a master plan, we can welcome any tool that comes to prepare us to behold our perfect place. When we are shaped and molded by life according to God’s perfect plan, the world is amazed and blessed by our beauty, and longevity.

Get prepared to be prepared!

Iyanla Vanzant(faith in the valley)

Crystal L Jackson


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