Crystal's Motivational Moment / mindset / No Quit FIT Zone / NOQUITZONE Motivational Monday:

NOQUITZONE Crystal’s Motivational Moment: “I am going to have a GREAT day…”

Life doesn’t have to be a strain or struggle.

Sometimes we make life very difficult for ourselves. We have a great ability to create our own stress. We may refuse to see the good in anything or anyone. We sometimes refuse to count our blessings and complain about lack. We will criticize, judge or blame others because we forget when our choices were not wise. What we don’t seem to realize is that when we voice words of struggle and strife we draw more of it into our experience. We create our own well-being according to the way we conduct our mind, mouth and heart. When we expect the best, we get it. When we speak of good, we see it. When we cleanse our hearts of fear, anger, and strife, we place ourselves on a higher vibration. If we choose to struggle with the issues of life, they will be very willing to fight us.

I Am going to create a great day.
Acts of Faith-Iylana Vanzant

Crystal L Jackson



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