mindset / NOQUITZONE Thriving Thursday:

NOQUITZONE Thriving Thursday: ” I’m Back…”

I’m Back…
YOU DON’T HAVE to meet certain qualifications to be loved.  You do not have to do anything special, in a certain way, to get love.  The only thing that is ever required of you is to be who you are and feel good about it.  Love is not a reward or a prize.  Love is not something you can use to trap or be trapped.  Love is not even yours to give, nor can it be withheld from you.
Love is the omnipresent flow of life.  It is every breath you take.  It is the involuntary function of the organs, systems, and parts of your body.  Love is your skin, your hair, the way you hold your head, the unique way you laugh or cry and move through the world.  Your Creator has never asked you for credentials you don’t possess.  Anyone who expects more from you than God has a great deal to learn about love.
The love I am is the love I receive
Iyanla Vanzant(faith in the valley)

Crystal L Jackson


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