Crystal's Motivational Moment / mindset / NOQUITZONE Will Your Way Wednesday:

NOQUITZONE Will Your Way Wednesday: “Wait a Minute..”

TAKE A MOMENT to step back and watch the sun rise or set. If you can be still long enough to observe the process, you will realize it is the earth, not the sun, that is moving. What a wonderful revelation! The world is in a constant state of motion. Some things are moving, changing, turning, dying, and being born, while others things are constant. Once you realize this, you will know that (1) wherever you were yesterday you are not today and (2) whatever you are today you will not be tomorrow. Whoever you will be tomorrow you cannot be today. Whatever you know today will look different that it did yesterday. And what you don’t know today, you will know tomorrow. After all, the world is in the process of being made, and so are you. Be still. Watch the process. Learn from what you see. Practice what you know. And then, watch how it all changes.

Wait a minute, let me change!
Iyanla Vanzant(faith in the valley)

Crystal L Jackson


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