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NOQUITZONE Tips &Tools Tuesday: Effective Leadership Tips

A special Thank You goes to Carol Roth for these wonder Effective Leadership Tips..

For a full list of the tips please visit http://www.carolroth.com/blog/leadership-effective-leadership-tips/


1. The Secret to Leadership is…

A gentle pressure applied relentlessly. Leaders must move their people in a direction constantly, without wild emotional swings- they must do so in a consistent, relentless fashion.
Thanks to: Troy Harrison of SalesForce Solutions.

2. Listen

To be an effective leader, one must LISTEN to what those around you are saying, and then make a decision on what you have heard. To LISTEN is very difficult, but one must, because the lowest of the low person in your business may say something that is effective and very important, something that you would never have thought of. So… learn to LISTEN carefully, and when everyone has had their say, only then make a decision.
Thanks to: Jacob Singer of Individual.

3. Shift Happens!

The best leaders understand that Shift Happens! Be willing to coach your team/employees to the expectations you’ve set for them and when results are less than expected, have a conversation to understand what and why they happened. As time goes on, there’s ‘shift’ in every organization – recognize it, speak to it, and look at the beliefs held by the team that will pull the results to new desired outcomes. Beliefs drive results. Manage the shift by understanding it! People want understanding.
Thanks to: Sandra Richardson of The Richardson Group.

4. Give Back to the Community

An effective leader is someone who is willing to step up to the plate and give back to the community. They go the extra mile and ask “how can I help and where can I pitch in to make a difference?” on a more local (or even global) level. They don’t stand back and let others do the work for them. They are the first people to volunteer and help. A genuine, authentic leader leaves his/her ego out of the equation and truly wants to make a positive, supportive impact on our world.
Thanks to: Therese Pope of Zenful Communications.

5. “Lead” Less

The more authority you can push down to the level of the team, the more they buy in and act like owners. This is often harder than it sounds, because they will not always make the same decisions you would, and too much veto power kills the experiment. The bedrock of my own track record of “turning around” customer contact operations was letting peers coach employees, make hiring decisions, and manage their team’s workflow.
Thanks to: Rich Gallagher of Point of Contact Group.

6. Empower Excellence

Look around you sometime with this in mind – people are trying their best to do an excellent job at something. That something may or may not be what you “grade performance” on, but nevertheless, people feel better and accomplish more when their leaders take the time to not only notice, but encourage and empower them to be excellent in what they strive toward. Empowering excellence is different than expecting or demanding it because it starts with the ambitions of the led, rather than the leader.
Thanks to: Rocky Walls of 12 Stars Media.

7. Lead Yourself First

A manager oversees tasks, whereas a leader inspires people. The effective leader is the individual who has mastered themselves.

What is leadership? You must first look in the mirror and ask yourself: what inspires me? Armed with answer in hand, it becomes your responsibility to share that inspiration with your team.

Create a hero in your workplace, at home, or in the community. Your legacy will not come from the number of followers you create, but rather, the number of leaders you mold!

Thanks to: Jerry Dollar of Jerry V. Dollar, Author and Blogger.
Crystal L Jackson
The No Quit Zone

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