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NOQUITZONE Crystal’s Motivational Moment: “You Are Not Alone…”

It’s that time again.. Motivational Monday..

On the first Monday of the new year, I challenged you to write 1-3 goals you wanted to accomplish this year. Then on the second week of the year, I asked you to revisit those goals to make sure they were goals that YOU desired for yourself. Often times we end up in situations that others wanted for us. I challenged you to write those goals both on paper and in your heart. On week three of the year I challenged you to “PLAN PURPOSEFULLY”  as you started to lay out a plan to accomplish your goals.  In “Planning Purposefully” I challenged you to BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND… What did that mean? As you constructed a plan for each goal, I encouraged you to start by writing down the outcome (where do you see yourself when the goal is complete) of the completed goal.

I also provided the following examples for constructing a plan.


(THE WHAT) (END) Complete my Bachelors Degree in XYZ by 20??

(THE HOW) (2013 Goal 1) – Start(or Re-Enroll) College in fall of 2013

Step 1 – Pick a college

– verify requirements for acceptance (due date 1/15/13)

– complete tasks(provided by college) to meet acceptance requirements(due date 2/1/13)

– apply/re-apply to college of choice (due date 3/1/2013)

– receive acceptance for fall 2013 (due date 6/1/2013)

Step 2 – Schedule meeting with Academic Advisor (due date ???)

– Once accepted to the College of choice, schedule a meeting with your academic advisor before enrolling in classes.  This is critical for all new students or returning students.

Trying to figure out the proper classes in the proper order alone is a NO NO.  Always use resources that are available and for enrollment it starts with your academic counselor.  If you are unsure, contact your college/university for assistance.

Step 3 – Enroll in courses verified with your counselor in Step 2 (due date ???)

Step 4 – Start Classes on Day 1 fall semester 2013 (due date ???)

Step 5 – Attend ALL classes

Step 6 – Attend tutorial sessions (due date ???)

Step 7 – Schedule meeting with ALL professors (introduce yourself and let them know you are serious about doing well in the course)

Step 8 – Schedule follow sessions with professors or office hours for necessary help (due date ???)

Step 9 – Find campus tutors if needed(for each course) contact academic advisor, student resource center, or ask professor

Please visit the following link to read the full blog post ” BEGIN with the END in MIND

So, by now you should be full speed ahead with executing your goals to plan.  I am sure for some you have also been faced with Obstacles along the way.   In today’s blog I want to challenge to you move past your obstacles by utilizing the resources around you.  Always remember the obstacles/problems you are facing someone else in the world at some point faced the same obstacles and overcame.  You are not in this alone and you CAN NOT do this alone.

So, I challenge you to stop today and take a second to write down what has been working in your plan and what has not.  If you are taking a class and are not grasping the concept have you done the following:

1) scheduled meeting hours with your professor

2) attended or started study groups with other students

3) visited the student resource center to ask for assistance in the area of your struggles

“Overcoming Obstacles” only happens when one seek the proper help to accomplish the goals at hand.

It is easy to quit when the going gets a little rough and for the majority of our population seeking help seems to be the last option right before our plan falls apart.  However, I challenge you to stay one step ahead of the obstacles by ALWAYS including in your plan the proper resources that you MAY need one day to accomplish the task at hand.  I have learned overtime it is much easier to STAY ready so that you will not have to GET ready, when a need arise.

“NO QUIT ZONE CHALLENGE”: “OVERCOME OBSTACLES” by being proactive and including a list of resources in your initial plan that could help aide in your success.  We can’t achieve greatness alone.  For every goal that we reach there is always that person(s) that helped us obtain our crown of glory.  Don’t wait until you want to quit or your plan fails to seek help, include the necessary help from the beginning.  Remember, Plan Purposefully by beginning with the end in mind and including a list of resources needed to help SUCCESSFULLY complete the plan.  Until next week, remember IF YOU BELIEVE IT YOU CAN ACHIEVE IT!!!

Crystal L Jackson



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