mindset / NOQUITZONE Thriving Thursday:

NOQUITZONE Thriving Thursday: ” Ladder of success..”

There must be inner healing for the broken vessels.

She spent two days making her outfit, spent her last $50 on a new pair of shoes. She had her hair and nails done, spent forty-five minutes putting on her makeup. When she got there, she spent the entire evening sitting in the corner, half smiling, half crying. On the outside she looked beautiful. On the inside she felt worthless. So many of us invest a fortune making ourselves look good to the world, yet on the inside we are falling apart. We manage to muddle through life saying and doing the right things, but when we’re alone we cry silent and desperate tears. It is time to pause and heal the inside.

It is time to heal the hurts, mend the fences, dig up the hatchets and throw them away. It is time to heal the doubts, answer the questions and release the fears. It is time to invest some time to what is going on inside. When we can do that, the outside will shine.

I Am investing my time in something that matters.

Iyanla Vanzant(Acts of faith)

Crystal L Jackson


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