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NOQUITZONE Crystal’s Motivational Moment: “LIFE HAPPENS…”

Life Happens….

I am excited to be back with you after a two weeks hiatus. In the No Quit Zone we are committed to “Not Quitting”, we may fall down but we MUST get back up. While on a quest to complete task that are started the harsh reality is LIFE HAPPENS and that means we may be forced to take a HARD PAUSE without notice.

With that being said, I entered the new year on a MISSION.. I hired my first employee, set goals, booked speaking engagements etc.. I was full speed ahead and without notice LIFE HAPPENED!! On a Thursday afternoon while on a mission to complete my task at hand and NOT QUIT, my world would be rocked when I received the call that someone near & dear to my heart had passed away without notice. But, this was not just someone.. This would be Mom #2 to the daughter I birthed at 16 years old. My daughters step mother had passed away & like many who may have walked the path of death, it happened without notice. There were no goodbyes, no see you later, no talk to you later. This shook our family to the core. You see for me I had lost someone who made such an impact in my life, but most importantly my child’s life. For the readers who can’t comprehend what I am saying let me go further.

LIFE and LIVING is about LOVING… Angela Kay Bell came into my daughter’s life at the age of 2 when she started dating my child’s father. Years later they would wed and she would officially become mom #2.  However, from the dating phase to the “I do” moment she was always a MOTHER FIRST… Before giving birth to her own children, she became a mother to mine and whether at home with me or away with her father, my child always had a mother in her presence.  So, two weeks ago when I received that dreadful call that she was no longer with us my heart skipped a beat…I lost a breathe…my life would forever be changed.

So, what are you to do when “LIFE HAPPENS”…what are you to do when your loved ones hurt in a way that is unimaginable. For days I watched as my child tried to make night of day and comprehend what just took place. What is one to do when there is still work to do, lives to take care of, & mouths to feed. What is one to do when LIFE HAPPENS?

I wish there was an easy answer. I wish there was a magic button to push to take all of the pain away, but the harsh reality is there is not.. HOWEVER, what I will say is even in the midst of hard times, even in the midst of pain, even when you have the desire to loose all hope and QUIT when you have lost a love one I challenge you DO NOT QUIT.. I encourage you to take a pause, gather yourself, grieve, cry, get angry, but DO NOT QUIT life. Surround yourselves with family and friends to lift your spirits. If you are a reader who hasn’t lost anyone I challenge you to step up when someone you know has lost a loved one and in a dark place. It is not always about being there for someone financially. Your moral support extends far beyond monetary contributions. To be in the presence of someone who has lost someone helps in more ways than you will ever know. However, with that being said know that grieving individuals grieve in different ways. At times the person grieving may want a few days of alone time to process and deal in private, however pay close attention to that person and reach out after a while in an effort to help avoid the depression stages. LIFE HAPPENS and it happens to the best of us. Death is a path that we all must walk someday be it loosing someone or us going on to glory, we will ALL be affected by it in some way or another. Sad, but true..

When LIFE HAPPENED for me two weeks ago my life hit a HARD PAUSE.. Task that needed to be completed had to wait… My thought process shifted…DO NOT QUIT were just words.. The emotional turmoil as a mother watching my child grieve was more than I wanted to bear. As I watched as another mother grieved the loss of her child, a husband the loss of his wife, and two small children the loss of their mother I had no speech from the NO QUIT ZONE that would take the pain away. So, what was I to do when LIFE HAPPENED?

I took a HARD PAUSE.. The task that I needed to complete I had to tap into my resources to help me complete, while others got behind. Without realizing it my blueprint for success was still in operation even when I was “Out of Service”.  Task that needed to be complete I tapped into my resources to help complete or find other resources to complete. I wasn’t in a position to execute my plan A because LIFE HAPPENED so I had to switch to plan B. I had to take a detour off my original path, I had a HARD STOP on some days,  and in some cases I had to delete task off the list if they didn’t have a huge impact on the overall objective, but through it all I could not QUIT.. I delayed something’s, I am still in slow motion, but I am better today than two weeks ago.

TRUTH: A delay is not a denial….There will be potholes on the road to your destiny…activate a HARD PAUSE when needed, but DO NOT QUIT life when it becomes too much to bear… ALWAYS remember whatever pain(emotional) you are dealing with someone else in the world has dealt with it and they overcame IN TIME.. It will take time, but it will get easier & you will overcome if you DO NOT QUIT & hold on to HOPE knowing in time you will get back on your beaten path if you DO NOT QUIT!!!

Crystal L Jackson


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