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NOQUITZONE Crystal’s Motivational Moment: “Begin with the END in mind”

It’s that time again.. Motivational Monday..

On the first Monday of the new year, I challenged you to write 1-3 goals you wanted to accomplish this year. Then on last week, I asked you to revisit those goals to make sure they were goals that YOU desired for yourself. Often times we end up in situations that others wanted for us. I challenged you to write those goals both on paper and in your heart. I trust that you had time to think about those goals on last week and this week you are ready to get started in reaching those goals ūüôā

As we prepare to “PLAN PURPOSEFULLY” I challenge you to BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND… What does that mean? As you construct a plan for each goal, start by writing down the outcome of the completed goal.


(THE WHAT) (END) Complete my Bachelors Degree in XYZ by 20??

(THE HOW) (2013 Goal 1) – Start(or Re-Enroll) College in fall of 2013

Step 1 – Pick a college

– verify requirements for acceptance (due date 1/15/13)

– complete tasks(provided by college) to meet acceptance requirements(due date 2/1/13)

– apply/re-apply to college of choice (due date 3/1/2013)

– receive acceptance for fall 2013 (due date 6/1/2013)


Step 2 – Schedule meeting with Academic Advisor (due date ???)

– Once accepted to the College of choice, schedule a meeting with your academic advisor

before enrolling in classes.  This is critical for all new students or returning students.

Trying to figure out the proper classes in the proper order alone is a NO NO.  Always

use resources that are available and for enrollment it starts with your academic

counselor.  If you are unsure, contact your college/university for assistance.


Step 3 – Enroll in courses verified with your counselor in Step 2 (due date ???)

Step 4 – Start Classes on Day 1 fall semester 2013 (due date ???)

Step 5 – Attend ALL classes

Step 6 – Attend tutorial sessions (due date ???)

Step 7 – Schedule meeting with ALL professors (introduce yourself and let them know you are serious about doing well in the course)

Step 8 – Schedule follow sessions with professors or office hours for necessary help (due date ???)

Step 9 РFind campus tutors if needed(for each course) contact academic advisor, student resource center, or ask professor

Beginning with the end(the what) in mind will allow you to PLAN PURPOSEFULLY for each goal(the how).¬† In the example above, the END(the what) was “Complete my Bachelors Degree in XYZ by 20??”.¬† The 2013 Goal(the how) and also the starting point for getting to the END was “Start(or Re-Enroll) College in fall of 2013”.¬† In order to get obtain a Bachelor’s Degree in XYZ by 20??, one must first enroll and be accepted into a college/university of choice.¬† However, there is an acceptance¬†process.¬† So, becoming familiar¬†with the acceptance process and completing each task is a MUST before starting the journey to the END.¬†Also, being accepted and starting is not enough, you must also work hard to complete the courses with passing grades.¬† So, steps 4-9 are critical in ensuring you pass the fall semester.

So, as you can see with each goal comes a process/steps that will help in reaching them more effectively.¬† Often times we have goals and dreams that we want to reach, but¬†delay delay delay¬†because we become discouraged when we can’t visualize how to reach them.

Beginning with the end in mind for each goal and creating a step by step process for each goal allows you to start PLANNING with and for a PURPOSE.¬† In the example, you will see dates by each step.¬† You must hold yourself accountable to your plan.¬† Writing the plan on paper and in your heart is not enough if you don’t EXECUTE.¬† However, the only way to execute the plan is by providing due dates for each step.¬† Once you write a date, STICK TO IT.. If for some reason you can’t complete the step by the date listed, update the date.¬† However, missing a deadline because of poor time management, is NOT ACCEPTABLE.¬† Once you write a plan and commit to dates in an effort to reach a goal, you must meet the commitments you have made to yourself.

If you have not noticed by now, your life is a reflection of the choices that YOU make.¬† Last week and the week prior I challenged you to write down YOUR goals and this week I am challenging¬†YOU to start creating a plan for how YOU will reach/complete each.¬† No one can or will do this for you.¬† Often times we use the excuse that we don’t know how to do xyz because we don’t have the knowledge, resources or tools.¬† I beg to differ.¬† Those things are always readily available, but we don’t seek them.¬† As we continue in the weeks to come, I will provide strategies for successful execution of your plan once it is created.¬† But for this week, use the example above and start laying out a plan for your 1-3 goals, but remember to begin with the END in mind!!


“NO QUIT ZONE CHALLENGE”:¬†“BEGIN WITH THE END IN MIND” and start writing a plan for each of your goals.¬† Refer to the above example ,if needed.¬† Until next week, remember IF YOU BELIEVE IT YOU CAN ACHIEVE IT!!!

Crystal L Jackson





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