Crystal's Motivational Moment / NOQUITZONE Will Your Way Wednesday:

NOQUITZONE Will Your Way Wednesday: “Trust what you feel..”

LITTLE PROBLEMS IN life are like a pop quiz which will determine whether or not you are in touch with your feelings; whether you have learned to trust yourself or will continue to move along mindlessly in your old ways. Many of us ignore the little things, those uneasy rumblings, because we can’t believe it is happening…again. We step willingly into bad situations, because we don’t want to believe we could be “wrong” about them. Yet we readily believe we could be “wrong” about what we feel. If you don’t believe yourself, when you don’t trust what you feel, it means you are in doubt. Doubt will push you headfirst into a valley.

Sometimes an uneasy feeling will be the normal fear or doubt associated with doing things that are different or new. At other times, it will be life warning you to get still, pay attention, remember what happened the last time you didn’t pay attention to yourself, and act accordingly.

Here is a clue about life’s little warnings: monsters don’t have shadows! You will never see the monster coming. It will descend upon you before you recognize it. If you are feeling uneasy for no apparent reason, it means you are being quizzed about something you are adequately equipped to handle, based on past experience. Whether you pass or fail the quiz is a reflection of how much you know about and trust yourself.

Trust what you feel!!
Iyanla Vanzant(Faith in the Valley)

Crystal L Jackson


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