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NOQUITZONE Crystal’s Motivational Moment: “WHAT IF…”

It’s that time again.. Motivational Monday..

On last week and the first Monday of the New Year I shared with you in my “Statistically NOT Speaking” post that I started along my No Quit Journey in a deficit after setting a goal of majoring in Engineering as an African-American Teen Mother.  I say I started in a deficit because statistics show I had a 2% chance of graduating college by the age of 30 as a teen mother and only 1% of engineering professional are African-American woman.  So, if you marry the two statistics, what I accomplished should have been impossible as an African-American teen mother who decided to become an engineer all while raising my child.  However, once I entered the NO QUIT ZONE at the age of 16 and decided that quitting goals would no longer be an option…. I made the IMPOSSIBLE….POSSIBLE(with God).

However, the irony in all of this is those statistics didn’t really resonate with me until  doing research the end of last year(2012)..It was at that moment that I realized the DATA said NO WAY while I said YES WAY.  I vaguely knew what statistics said about teen pregnancy based on the fact that a child(16)  has NO CLUE about life(TRUE RESPONSIBILITY).  I also knew that the percentage of women in engineering was low, but didn’t realize how low..  So, the fact that I didn’t know..nor did I care about what statistics said I WOULD NOT BECOME because I was too busy working towards who I WOULD BECOME.

So, I said all of that to say.  Data and People may  try to predict who you will become based on old facts or history, but WHAT IF you released that information.  WHAT IF you decided today to let go of SELF DOUBT, FEAR, LAZINESS, EXCUSES,  and SELF PITY.  WHAT doing so you start to realize you are a GREAT  being with even GREATER depth to do even GREATER THINGS…

Alot of times in life we hold ourselves back and we are our own worst enemy.  Many times in life we buy into what people and  history tells us we shall become when in reality YOU determine who you shall become.  It all starts with YOU.. YOU must first show up and realize your own self-worth.  YOU must understand the being you are and the valuable gifts that are deposited within.  You see, everyone is always capable of growing.  We are all at different phases in our lives with different gifts, but the truth of the matter is we can ALWAYS learn more and become more.  What are you waiting on?  It is time to get about the business of tapping into ALL of your gifts and becoming the YOU..YOU..know YOU are capable of becoming.. WHAT IF, you started TODAY.. JUST WHAT IF…

“NO QUIT ZONE CHALLENGE”: On last week, I challenged you to write 1-3 goals down on paper and within in your heart.  For those that are serious about growing I am certain you have decided to join the NO QUIT ZONE CHALLENGE 🙂  The reason I asked you to write them on paper and in your heart is for two reasons.  As long as you continue to THINK about those things you want to do and they are embedded in your mind, notice I said M I N D they will never become a reality.  You MUST write them on paper to make them visual so that you can start writing a plan for how to get to your end goal.  However, writing them on paper is not enough either.  If your goals are not written in your H E A R T that means chances of you writing a plan and executing are almost ZERO.  If your goals and dreams are something your friend told you was cool,  your business partner suggested as a good growth opportunity, your parents told you who they wanted you to become, your mentor suggested as growth opportunity, but you don’t feel it in your heart chances are these goals are not YOUR GOALS they are seeds someone else deposited.  By all means I am not suggesting that you disregard great wisdom, but make sure that wisdom aligns with what is in your heart for YOURSELF.  Today, I was going to leave you with tips for starting to write a plan for your goals, but I want to postpone that until next week because I want to make sure the goals you have written are YOUR GOALS.. So revisit those goals this week and make sure you show up next week with YOUR 1-3 goals you would like to start and/or complete in 2013.  Make sure they are WRITTEN on paper and in your heart.  Until next week, remember IF YOU BELIEVE IT YOU CAN ACHIEVE IT!!!

Crystal L Jackson


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