Crystal's Motivational Moment / NOQUITZONE Follow Up Friday:

NOQUITZONE Follow Up Friday: Week 1 2013

On Monday January 7, 2012 at the end of my “Statistically NOT Speaking” blog I provided the following challenge:

Make a decision today to enter the “No Quit Zone”(within yourself) . By doing so, identify and set goals that you are determined to reach. Once they are set you CAN NOT QUIT them, so you must decide that you will beat EVERY statistic/odd possible. The first step in entering the “No Quit Zone” is to make a decision that EVERY goal you set you will reach. Write 1-3 goals down on paper and in your heart. Once your write them on paper and in your heart not reaching them is no longer NOT an option…”Quitting is no longer an option.” After you have identified 1-3 goals and entered the “No Quit Zone”, your next step is to construct a plan for reaching your goals. However, this week we will stop at identifying your goals and committing(entering the “No Quit Zone”) to reaching them. So, get to writing and I will see you next week with Step 2.

Each Friday I will follow up to remind you to complete your Monday “No Quit Challenge” task. You still have time to enter the No Quit Zone and Journey with me as I provide tips, tools, & resources that has aided in my success.

Remember, time is precious and once you have used’s gone you don’t get it back. So, if you are serious about becoming all you can be, Join the No Quit Challenge and Journey with me.

Crystal L Jackson


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