Crystal's Motivational Moment / NOQUITZONE Motivational Monday:

NOQUITZONE Motivational Monday: “Show up!!!”

On last week,  I had the opportunity to speak with STEM educators and administrators at The University of Dallas Richardson and 5 different satellite locations.  As I prepared my speech and journeyed back in time through my own life, I was reminded of a common theme throughout my life.  Over 21 years ago there were 3 major events that happened in my life.

1) 21 years ago I began my journey into engineering

2) 21 years ago I found out I was pregnant at the age of 15  and I had my daughter later in the year at age 16

3) 21 years ago I decided that quitting would no longer be an option and goals I set out to accomplish, I would indeed accomplish because “QUITTING WAS NO LONGER AN OPTION”

4) #3 would also be a DEFINING MOMENT in my life as I entered The NO QUIT ZONE 21 years ago in my mind and within myself

So, I did indeed go to college with a child to raise and majored in Engineering.  I also graduated with a major in Computer Engineering and a minor in Mathematics.. and how did I do this might you ask?

I SHOWED UP!!! Overtime, Quitting has become so easy when the going get’s tough.  However, there has been a common theme in my life over the last 21 years as success continually finds me.  I SHOW UP..that means I first decide that once a goal is set, I WILL SHOW up determined to reach the end result.  Once I show up with a sound mind to accomplish the task at hand, I follow a constant theme and plan to aid in my success.

 NO QUIT plan for success:

1) devise a plan/roadmap to get to final destination(your goal) (seek help if needed)

2) always devise an alternate plan to final destination (plan B)

3) identify resources needed along the journey (before getting started)

4) utilize the resources on plan as needed (you’re not alone)

5) put in the work (extra work) to accomplish task (use your time wisely)

However, before you complete task 1-5 you must SHOW up with a will to reach your goals, show up with an attitude that “QUITTING IS NOT AN OPTION”, show up believing that you have what it takes to reach the final destination.  If you don’t believe you one else will!!!

Crystal L Jackson
STEM & Leadership Development

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