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NOQUITZONE Tips & Tools Tuesday: Developing consistent study habits

Students, fall is upon us and that means you are about half way through your fall 2012 semester. I challenge you to take a moment to access where you are academically. Are you satisfied with your progress thus far? If so,GREAT. If not,it’s not too late to shift. If you find that you are struggling with the “academics balancing act”,here are a few suggestions.

1) Access your study habits
– are you spending an adequate amount of time studying?
– do you have a system for studying?(Ex. MWF(chemistry, math) TuThur(history,marketing)
– do you attend available (FREE) on campus tutoring sessions (check student services
center and/or ask professor about tutorials sessions)
FACT: developing great study habits will aide in successful completion of each course. Start by creating a plan and allocate a total number of hours DAILY that you will commit to studying. If it makes sense to study certain subjects on certain days, schedule that in your plan. Study in a group or find an accountability study partner and study together, but whatever you do CREATE A STUDY PLAN and stick to it.

2) Access your circle of influence
– birds of a feather flock together (what types of influence does your friends have on
you? Are they more concerned with hanging out having fun or meeting deadlines?)
– are you in healthy relationships with people you choose to spend your time with? Are
they encouraging and supportive? (family, girlfriends, boyfriends)
FACT: surrounding yourself with like minded individuals with common goals will also aide in your success. In life we all need a strong support system when the going gets tough. When you are faced with an “I want to quit” moment it’s important to have friends and family that will help push you past that critical moment into the ” I refuse to quit” moment.

3) Seek Help
– if you are struggling with a subject matter start visiting your professor on a
REGULAR basis. When professors see you are a serious student they will help provide
the resources to aide in your success
– two minds are always greater than one, join or form study groups with others in class;
studying with others on a regular and sharing ideas helps grasp the subject matter
FACT: we ALL need others. No one person has all the answers. Don’t wait until the last minute to seek help. If you have not done so in the past I challenge you to start each semester with identifying resources to aide in successful completion of your course. Visit your professor during office hours and ask what it will take to be successful in the class. Visit your student resource center on campus and ask about free tutoring on campus. Be a leader and form study groups. DO NOT wait until you are ready to drop the class from failing to find resources. BE PROACTIVE!! Just like an umbrella, we keep one on hand in preparation for the rain. You TOOLS & RESOURCES for success should be the same way. You never know when you’ll need them, but be prepared just in case the storm arrive..

“Successful Students” develop consistent study habits, surround themselves with individuals who share common goals (academic success), and always seek help when needed to ensure academic SUCCESS!!!


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